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Lobetia Bubbles

At sight, uniform beads of tiny bubbles reach the surface of the wine in a perfect and concentric crown.Clean and bright coloured, with a greenish yellow tone. On the nose, exotic fruits like pineapple scents. On the palate, creamy bubble, full flavoured, fresh, with good acidity, it recalls a tropical fruits bouquet.

Lobetia Bubbles is made in our estate where organic practices have been applied improving the soil structure and enhancing the natural cycle of the vines in order to achieve the highest quality wines. This wine has performed second fermentation on pressurized fermenters.

Dominio de Punctum Estate in La Mancha, Spain completed its conversion to biodynamic grape growing in 2011. All of its wines are organic or biodynamic. The focus on quality is obsessive and shows through in their wines.

Matches: All kind of fish and seafood, cheese. . We recommend service at 8º C