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Organic Wine

Organic wines are produced with organically grown grapes. In order to have organically grown grapes, we must implement an entirely different set of practices to maintain our vines.

We combine the best of modern and traditional winemaking methods to showcase distinctive varietal flavours. Through minimal manipulation in the cellar, we allow the wines to express the authentic character of our soils and climate.

Premium organic grapes, a thorough understanding of natural wine chemistry, and careful attention during the winemaking process are the foundation of Lobetia Wines.

Our Practices:

No use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

No manipulation of wines by reverse osmosis, excessive filtration, or flavour additives (such as oak chips).

Also, we prefer wild yeasts for fermentation.


When a label says “organic,” it means the wine has met certain standards that are set by a government agency. Different nations have their own certification criteria, so what’s organic in one country may not be so in another.